Matinée de rentrée / Come back morning PPS 2022

Organisers: G. Bernardi,H. Herbelin

You can follow all the talks on-line in this virtual room.

Thursday 06 October

10h00 - Round-table

10h07 · H. Herbelin · Presentation PPS

10h25 · S. Douteau · Stratified Homotopy theory

10h55 · M. Milicich · Extending the Quantitative Toolset for Higher-Order Programming Languages

11h10 · A. Lancelot · Call-by-Value, and more - Game Semantics and Cost Models

11h25 — Coffee break (20min)

11h45 · A. Walch · Coherent differentiation : a deterministic differential calculus

12h00 · M. Jubert · The syntax of spheres in Homotopy type theory

12h15 · G. Manara · Parallel cut elimination for MELL proof nets

12h30 · G. Giusti · Differentiable Programming, Linear Logic and Lambda-Calculus

12h45 · R. Di Donna · Separability and injectivity in linear logic

13h — Buffet outside of Sophie Germain / La grande bouffe