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Algorithmic Game Theory

Fair Division
On Optimal Tradeoffs between EFX and Nash Welfare [Feldman, Mauras, Ponitka] Working paper [arXiv]
Breaking the Envy Cycle: Best-of-Both-Worlds Guarantees for Subadditive Valuations [Feldman, Mauras, Narayan, Ponitka] Working paper [arXiv]
Mechanism Design
Constant Approximation for Private Interdependent Valuations [Eden, Feldman, Goldner, Mauras, Mohan] FOCS 2023 [arXiv]
Truthful Matching with Online Items and Offline Agents [Feldman, Fusco, Leonardi, Mauras, Reiffenhäuser] ICALP 2023 [arXiv]
Matchings Markets
Constrained School Choice with Incomplete Information [Gimbert, Mathieu, Mauras] Working paper [arXiv]
Two-Sided Matching Markets with Correlated Preferences have Few Stable Pairs [Gimbert, Mathieu, Mauras] Working paper [arXiv]
Two-Sided Matching Markets with Strongly Correlated Preferences [Gimbert, Mathieu, Mauras] FCT 2021
Two-Sided Random Matching Markets: Ex-Ante Equivalence of the Deferred Acceptance Procedures [Mauras] EC 2020, TEAC 2021 [arXiv]

Algorithm Design

Approximability of Monotone Submodular Function Maximization under Cardinality and Matroid Constraints in the Streaming Model [Huang, Kakimura, Mauras, Yoshida] SIDMA 2022 [arXiv]
How to aggregate Top-lists: Approximation algorithms via scores and average ranks [Mathieu, Mauras] SODA 2020 [arXiv]
Write-Optimized Skip Lists [Bender, Farach-Colton, Johnson, Mauras, Mayer, Phillips, Xu] PODS 2017

Scientific mobility

Mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces and schools by hybrid telecommuting [Mauras, Cohen-Addad, Duboc, Dupré la Tour, Frasca, Mathieu , Opatowski, Viennot] PLOS Comp. Biol. [medRxiv]

Ongoing projects

I have several ongoing projects, more informations are available here: