Metteurs en scène: G. Bernardi, P-E. Dagand, C. Faggian, H. Herbelin

Logistique: O. Avci

Thursday 19th October 2023

09h00 — Coffee and Round-table

09h45 · G. Manzonetto · A syntactic and semantic analysis of program equivalences

10h20 · G. Vanoni · Higher-Order Bayesian Networks, Exactly

10h45 — Coffee break

11h10 · A. De Faveri · Algebras, clones, and applications

11h25 · Q. Aristote · Compositionality in effectful programming

11h40 · S. Arambillete · Fibered/indexed and the language of mathematics

11h55 · A. Djuric · Formalisation of some elements of the foundations of Garside theory

12h35 — Lunch

14h15 · J. Ledent · Compositional Systems through the Lens of Polynomial Functors

14h40 · G. Scherer · Constructor unboxing

15h25 — End of the PPS talks (in time for the NP—non-permanent members— Introductory Session in room 1007!)

17h00 · IRIF CAKE