IRIF has taken up gender equality issues in 2019, particularly in view of the relatively low proportion of women among the laboratory's members. The laboratory has decided to create a commission in the fall of 2019, and to launch several communication and support initiatives in order to sustain gender equality within the laboratory and its scientific community.

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The aim of the IRIF's gender equality commission is to develop awareness, alert, communication and training actions. Its work focuses on a number of areas: mentoring, harassment issues, organization of Girls Only meetings, collection of gendered statistics, promotion of computer science among girls in secondary education, support for girls in computer science courses in higher education (in particular via Master's scholarships), the fight against sexism and harassment, and action on selection committees.

The minutes of the commission (intranet).


Giovanni Bernardi, Valérie Berthé (responsable), Florian Horn, Amélie Gheerbrant, Delia Kesner, Valia Mitsou, Alexis Saurin, Olivier Serre, Sylvain Schmitz, Eva Ryckelynck (adjointe), Christine Tasson, Brigitte Vallée.

On the interest of having a gender equality commission IRISA

A gender reading of the covid crisis

Actions in progress

  • Development of a mentoring action accompanied by the preparation of mentoring training
  • Cofinancement par l'IRIF via la FSMP de bourses de Master en direction des étudiantes PGSM
  • Recommandations pour les Comités de sélection Texte

Parity statistics at IRIF

  • MCF : 10 women, 25 men
  • CR : 2 women, 12 men
  • PR : 4 women, 14 men
  • DR : 2 women, 14 men
  • Emérites : 2 women, 8 men
  • ITA BAP J : 4 women, 1 man
  • ITA BAP E : 3 men
  • Doctorants and post-doctorants : 10 women, 43 men

January 2020

  • Responsables de pôles : 0 woman, 3 men
  • Responsables d'équipes : 5 women, 4 me,

June 2020

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