IRIF, the Research Institute on the Foundations of Computer Science, is a research laboratory of CNRS and université Paris-Diderot, also hosting two INRIA project-teams.

The research conducted at IRIF is based on the study and understanding of the foundations of all computer science, in order to provide innovative solutions to the current and future challenges of digital sciences.

IRIF hosts about 200 people. Six of its members have been distinguished by the European Research Council (ERC), three are members of the Institut Universitaire de France IUF), and two are members of the Academia Europæa.

A workshop on Graph Compression and Compact Representations will take place at IRIF on September 9-10. Submit your talk proposal before the 25th of August.


A scientific meeting in honor of Pierre-Louis Curien will take place at IRIF, in the conference room Alan Turing, Sophie Germain building on the 6th of September. Registration is free but mandatory.

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Limited number of events during the Summer break