Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale(IRIF)


IRIF, the Research Institute on the Foundations of Computer Science, is a research laboratory of CNRS and Université de Paris, also hosting two Inria project-teams.

The research conducted at IRIF is based on the study and understanding of the foundations of all computer science, in order to provide innovative solutions to the current and future challenges of digital sciences.

IRIF hosts about 200 people. Six of its members have been distinguished by the European Research Council (ERC), five are members of the Institut Universitaire de France IUF), two are members of the Academia Europæa, and one is member of Académie des sciences.

Sylvain Schmitz

Sylvain Schmitz (IRIF) co-organizes the “14th International Conference on Reachability Problems” (RP'20), that is planned to take place either online or at IRIF on October 19-20.

Enka Blanchard

Enka Blanchard, Ph.D. student at IRIF supervised by Nicolas Schabanel and Ted Selker, was awarded the PSL prize in the category “interfaces between humanities and sciences” for her Ph.D. work entitled “Usability low tech, high security”.

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