About my PhD

I am a PhD student at IRIF under the supervision of Paul-André Melliès and Sam van Gool since September 2021, at the ED 386 graduate school. I belong to the three following teams:

The title of my thesis is, in French:

Une approche topologique et fibrationnelle
de la théorie des automates d'ordre supérieur

Our ambition is to connect profinite spaces and Stone-type dualities, codensity monads, linear logic and higher-order automata within a categorical framework.

If you have access to the GitLab of Sophie Germain, you can see what I have been recently working on by clicking here.


We may have met

I have attended the following public events, in the antichronological order:


Nom Moreau
Prénom Vincent
Bureau 4033
Mail moreau@irif.fr
Page web https://www.irif.fr/~moreau/