Nom Godin
Prénom Thibault
Téléphone 01 57 27 94 56
Bureau 4060
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This webpage is no longer up-to-date

my current webpage is here.

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Topics : Automaton groups, random generation of groups, and more generally theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics, in particular automata theory, tilings and game theory.

I am a third year PhD student under the supervision of Ines Klimann and Matthieu Picantin. I am a member of the ANR project MealyM. Here is my research statement

I will defend my PhD the 13th of july. My thesis can be found here!

Thibault Godin

Bâtiment Sophie Germain, 8 place Aurélie Nemours
F-75013 Paris
4th floor
Office 4060




Slides, Poster

some slides I used:

  • Slides for the article Boundary action of automaton groups without singular points and Wang tilings , presented on week 2 of Transversal aspects of Tilings, in 2016 in Oléron.


I was a reviewer for CSR 2016 and ToCS.

My dblp page



  • ADS4 , TP , groupe Info1.

Supervisor : Ralf Treinen.

Supervisor : Arnaud Sangnier.


Supervisor : Jean-Baptiste Yunès.

Supervisor : Yann Régis-Gianas.


Supervisor : Jean-Baptiste Yunès.

  • PI4 : Projet Informatique, TP, Info1 et MathInfo2.

Supervisor : Michele Pagani.

Informatic licence web page


Since 2015, I am co-organizer of the automata seminar (friday 14:30). Please contact me if you want to talk in it.