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Guillaume Chapuy's webpage.

  • IRIF - UMR 8243 CNRS
    Bâtiment Sophie Germain
    Room 4038

    Mailing address:
    CNRS UMR 8243, Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, Case 7014
    75205 Paris Cedex 13

    Email: myfirstname.mylastname(at)irif.fr


    Since October 2010, I am a CNRS research scientist in IRIF (ex LIAFA).

    My main areas of research are enumerative combinatorics, random discrete structures, and algebraic combinatorics. I am particularly interested in the properties of maps (which are graphs embedded on surfaces), and related combinatorial or algebraic objects (such as trees, graphs, Tamari intervals, or reflection groups).

    I am responsible of the combinatorics group of IRIF, part of the ``pole'' Algorithms and Discrete Structures.

    I am also the Principal Invertigator of the ERC projet CombiTop dedicated to the combinatorics of maps (2017-2021).

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