I am a first year PhD student under the supervision of Beniamino Accattoli (LIX Partout, INRIA) and Claudia Faggian (IRIF, CNRS).

You may find me at IRIF in office 3026, or sometimes in Saclay in the INRIA lab (Alan Turing building) in office 2056. /!\ I will be in London from Oct 20 to Nov 25, so neither in Paris nor in Saclay!

To email me : lancelot at irif dot fr

I work on proof theory and programming languages, using tools from one to extract knowledge to the other using the Curry-Howard correspondence. I focus on untyped lambda-calculus and its variants, investigating operational and denotational semantics. (see my thesis subject.)

Currently: I am actively working on program equivalences in call-by-value lambda-calculi.

What I wish to learn more of : (operational) game semantics, models of the lambda-calculus, Pi-calculus, realizability, fixed-points combinators, induction and coinduction, …


  • Normal Form Bisimulations by Value – Accattoli, Lancelot and Faggian (arxiv)


Light Genericity:

Normal Form Bisimulations by Value:

  • November 21st 2023 - University of Birmingham (slides)
  • November 6th 2023 - Theory Lunch at Queen Mary University of London (informal whiteboard talk titled Syntactical Program Equivalence)
  • October 5th 2023 - Séminaire Love (slides)
  • June 12th 2023 – TYPES23 (slides )
  • May 11th 2023 – Chocola (slides)
  • October 19th 2022 – GT Syntax Meets Semantics (talk titled Open Call-by-Value and Open Similarity)

I teach at undergraduate level in UFR d'informatique at Université Paris Cité.


  • TP Informatique (CUPGE 1ère Année) - Python


  • TD+TP en Initiation à la Programmation 2 (Licence 1 d'informatique et double licence math-info) - Java
  • Encadrement de Projet de Programmation (Licence 2 d'informatique et double licence math-info) - Java

I am also often involved in Fête de la Science (popularization and activities around Computer Science targeted to primary school students) and supervising high school students in small programming exercises during their observation internships.

Student Representative Involvement

2022 – Present: PhD Student Representative for PhD students in IRIF/PPS pole (Conseil de Labo IRIF)

2021 – 2023: Elected Student Representative at Université Paris Cité (Conseil d'UFR Mathématiques, Conseil de Faculté des Sciences, Sénat Académique)

2017 – 2019: Elected Classe Préparatoires Student Reprensentative at Lycée Janson de Sailly, Paris (Conseil d'Administration)

My coaster-count is 120. (updated November 11th 2023)