Victor Arrial

About me

I am a first year PhD student under the supervision of Delia Kesner, IRIF and Giulio Guerrieri, Huawei Research, working on Solvability in Intuitionistic and Classical Call-by-Push-Value.

My research interests lie in $\lambda/\lambda\mu$-calculus, explicit substitutions, reduction strategies, quantitative typing, inhabitation, solvability, approximants, linearity, Taylor expansion …

Also, I am (occasionally) co-organizer of IRIF CakeTM

Past projects

  • $\,$L2 $\;-\;$ Regression and Classification Problems for Machine Learning, $\;$ under directions of Pierre Latouche.
  • $\,$L3 $\;–\;$ Curry-Howard Correspondence and Linear Logic, $\;$ under directions of Jules Chouquet and Léo Stefanesco.
  • M1 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in $\lambda\mu$-Calculus, $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner.
  • M2 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value (Report), $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner et Giulio Guerrieri.



Mail : $(\lambda x. \; \text{arrial} \: x \; \text{irif}.\text{fr})\;@$
Office : $3018$