I am a third year PhD student working on Meaningfulness in the $\lambda!$-calculus under the direction of Delia Kesner (Université Paris Cité, CNRS, IRIF, France) and Giulio Guerrieri (University of Sussex, United Kingdom).

My research interests lie in $\lambda$-calculus$^?\!\!$, $\lambda_!$-calculus$^?\!\!$, $\lambda\mu$-calculus$^?\!\!$, explicit substitutions$^?\!\!$, reduction strategies$^?\!\!$, quantitative typing$^?\!\!$, inhabitation$^?\!\!$, Böhm$^?$ approximants and trees$^?\!\!$, Taylor expansion$^?\!\!$

See my DBLP page for a complete list.

(Credits: Delia Kesner)

  • ITRS'24 (Tallinn, Estonia) $\;-\;$ Call-by-Value Typing Revisited, for Free ? (Abstract, Slides).
  • FCSD'24 (Tallinn, Estonia).
  • LICS'24 (Tallinn, Estonia) $\;-\;$ Genericity Through Stratification (Abstract, Slides).
  • IJCAR'24 (Nancy, France) $\;-\;$ The Benefits of Diligence (Abstract, Slides).
  • Journées PPS (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;-\;$ TBD (Abstract, Slides).
  • SMS Seminar (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;-\;$ TBD (Abstract, Slides).
  • Non-Permanent Seminar (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;-\;$ The Bang-Calculus: An Accessible Introduction to Subsuming Paradigms (Abstract, Slides).
  • Chocola (ENS, Lyon, France) $\;-\;$ Genericity Through Stratification (Abstract, Slides).
  • DiLL (CIRM, Marseille, France) $\;–\;$ Differential $\lambda$-Calculus and Differential Linear Logic, 20 Years Later.
  • Séminaire LoVe (LIPN, Villetaneuse, France) $\;–\;$ Exploring the Bang-Calculus and Its Embeddings (Abstract, Slides).
  • GT SCALP'23 (Orléans, France) $\;–\;$ The Benefits of Diligence (Abstract, Slides).
  • HOR'23 (Sapienza, Rome, Italy) $\;-\;$ A Deeper Study of $\lambda!$-Calculus Simulations (Abstract, Slides).
  • FSCD'23 (Sapienza, Rome, Italy).
  • AB60 (IRIF, Paris, France) Workshop in Honour of Antonio Bucciarelli's 60th Birthday $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation with Delia Kesner (Slides).
  • Journées PPS (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;-\;$ 24-25 Mai 2023.
  • CHoCoLa (ENS, Lyon, France) $\;-\;$ Rencontre du 5 Mai 2023.
  • Séminaire Logique et Interactions (I2M, Marseille, France) $\;-\;$ The Bang-Calculus, Inhabitation and Approximants (Abstract, Slides Partie 1, Slides Partie 2).
  • FoPSS'23 (Ceub, Bertinoro, Italy) Winter School $\;-\;$ Quantitative Aspects of Program Semantics, Verification and Transformation.
  • POPL'23 (Boston, USA) $\;-\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation for Different Lambda Calculi in a Unifying Framework (Paper, Artifact, Slides, Video).
  • Non-Permanent Seminar (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;–\;$ Introduction to Lambda-Calculus and Quantitative Typing Systems (Blackboard).
  • TE60 (CNAM, Paris, France) Workshop in Honour of Thomas Ehrhard's 60th Birthday.
  • TYPES'22 (LS2N, Nantes, France) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation in Call-by-Value (Abstract, Video).
  • NIETS'22 (CS Dep., Bath, England) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value (Abstract).
  • SINFIN'22 (IRIF, Paris, France) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation through Call-by-Push-Value (Slides).
  • GT SCALP'21 (UPEC, Fontainebleau, France) $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value (Slides).
  • 2023-2024 :
    • LMFI M2 : Proofs and Programs (Guest Lecturer).
    • IP1 : Introduction à la Programmation Java (CM + TD + TP).
    • Poo-IG : Programmation Orientée Objet - Interface Graphique (TP + Projet).
    • CProj : Conduite de Projet (TP).
  • 2022-2023 :
    • IP1 : Introduction à la Programmation Java (CM + TD + TP).
    • PF1 : Principes de Fonctionnement des Machines Binaires (TD + TP).
  • 2021-2022 :
    • IP2 : Initiation à la Programmation Java (TD + TP).
    • CI2 : Concepts Informatiques (TD).
  • M2 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value, $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner et Giulio Guerrieri at IRIF.
  • M1 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in the $\lambda\mu$-Calculus, $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner at IRIF.
  • $\,$L3 $\;–\;$ Curry-Howard Correspondence and Linear Logic, $\;$ under directions of Jules Chouquet and Léo Stefanesco at IRIF.
  • $\,$L2 $\;-\;$ Regression and Classification Problems for Machine Learning, $\;$ under directions of Pierre Latouche at SAMM.

Here is my curriculum vitae (last update on 06/06/2024)

A few friends doing wonderful work:
Klara Nosan, Roman Kniazev, Lucie Guillou, Alexandre Moine, Martin Pépin, Loïc Peyrot, Vincent Moreau, Clément Ducros, Adrienne Lancelot

Mail : $(\lambda x. \; \text{arrial} \: x \; \text{irif}.\text{fr})\;@$
Office : $3018$