I am a second year PhD student under the supervision of Delia Kesner (Université Paris Cité, CNRS, IRIF) and Giulio Guerrieri (Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LIS), working on Solvability in Intuitionistic (and Classical) Call-by-Push-Value.

My research interest lies in $\lambda/\lambda_!/\lambda\mu$-calculus, explicit substitutions$^?$, reduction strategies$^?$, quantitative typing$^?$, inhabitation$^?$, solvability, Böhm approximants, Taylor expansion …

  • FoPSS'23 (Bertinoro, Ceub) Winter School $\;-\;$ Quantitative Aspects of Program Semantics, Verification and Transformation.
  • POPL'23 (Boston) $\;-\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation for Different Lambda Calculi in a Unifying Framework (Article, Artifact, Slides, Video).
  • Non-Permanent Seminar (Paris, IRIF) $\;–\;$ Introduction to Lambda-Calculus and Quantitative Typing Systems.
  • TE60 (Paris, CNAM) Workshop in Honour of Thomas Ehrhard's 60th Birthday.
  • TYPES'22 (Nantes, LS2N) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation in Call-by-Value (Abstract, Video).
  • NIETS'22 (Bath, CS Dep.) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value (Abstract).
  • SINFIN'22 (Paris, IRIF) $\;–\;$ Quantitative Inhabitation through Call-by-Push-Value .
  • GT SCALP'21 (Fontainebleau, UPEC) $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value (Slides).
  • 2022-2023 :
    • IP1 : Introduction à la Programmation Java (CM/TD + TP).
    • PF1 : Principes de Fonctionnement des Machines Binaires (TD + TP).
  • 2021-2022 :
    • IP2 : Initiation à la Programmation Java (TD + TP).
    • CI2 : Concepts Informatiques (TD).
  • M2 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in Call-by-Push-Value, $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner et Giulio Guerrieri at IRIF.
  • M1 $\;–\;$ Inhabitation in the $\lambda\mu$-Calculus, $\;$ under directions of Delia Kesner at IRIF.
  • $\,$L3 $\;–\;$ Curry-Howard Correspondence and Linear Logic, $\;$ under directions of Jules Chouquet and Léo Stefanesco at IRIF.
  • $\,$L2 $\;-\;$ Regression and Classification Problems for Machine Learning, $\;$ under directions of Pierre Latouche at SAMM.

A few friends doing wonderful work:
Clément Ducros, Adrienne Lancelot, Alexandre Moine, Vincent Moreau, Klara Nosan, Martin Pépin, Loïc Peyrot

Mail : $(\lambda x. \; \text{arrial} \: x \; \text{irif}.\text{fr})\;@$
Office : $3018$